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Dr. Dry Ultra Shoe Dryer – Fan Powered Shoe Dryer With Built-in UV Light

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  • FAST ACTING DRYING POWER - Hybrid fan and heater will cut drying time to less than 4 hours (in most cases).
  • BUILT-IN UV LIGHT- Neutralizes odors caused by sweat and bacteria. Besides for the heat that dries the shoe the UV light will kill any unwanted bacterias and fungus.
  • RELIABLE, SILENT OPERATION - Uses a PTC heater, making it safe and reliable. Will not damage footwear, burn anything, nor will it cost you lot of electricity to run. The heater is regulated at a steady 167 Fahrenheit (+-12)
  • GREAT FOR CAMPING, SKIING, HUNTING and MORE - The length of the shoe dryer is less than 8 inches so it will fit most shoe sizes. Unique design enables steady air circulation that will dry the shoe better and quicker. Can be used for boots, gloves, ski boots, liners and more.
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST - Built to last, just contact us with any issue and we will gladly repair or replace it within one year of the purchase date.
Great for rainy days or for outdoor activities, like hunting, skiing, fishing and camping.
All you need is an 110V outlet and you will have a dry sanitized shoe, in a couple of hours. The dryer uses a safe PTC heater which keeps the heat regulated at a safe temperature, that will dry but not damage the shoe.
The fan helps the air circulate properly and the sleek design makes it easy to insert and remove while ensuring the heat can emit from all directions.
An integrated UV light kills off bacteria and helps eliminate odors.


  • Built-in Fan for Faster Drying: An integrated fan keeps the heat circulating and cuts drying time to just 4 hours, for a completely dry shoe.
  • Disinfect with UV:
    A built-in UV light sanitizes the shoe and kills the nasty bacteria making your shoe odor free!
  • Great Air Circulation:
    The length of the shoe is less than 8 inches, so it will fit most shoe sizes, and the ergonomic design helps the air circulate easily from all directions.


~Regulated heat keeps it at a steady 150°-167° Fahrenheit. This temperature is the perfect balance to dry the shoe without damaging the material.

~Quiet operation and low energy consumption make this super convenient.
~Can be used for Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Liners, Ski Boots, and much more. 

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