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Dr Dry Portable Clothing Dryer

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  • Lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble. The Dr. Dry portable dryer is the ultimate space saver
  • Does not damage clothing like traditional tumble dryers, suitable for every type garment.
  • Powerful but quiet motor, will dry your clothes and without noise.
  • No vent or special outlet needed.
  • 2 Year warranty.

If you are stuck with loads of laundry and without a dryer, this Dr. Dry portable dryer. is for you. Instead of hanging on clotheslines and checking every 5 minutes if it dropped Or covering every exposed inch of your house with delicate clothing that cannot go in the tumble dryer, You have a perfect solution: Dr. Dry’s portable dryer.

Dry clothes efficiently from anywhere. It’s easy to assemble and just plug in to operate. The Dr. Dry portable dryer will dry your clothing without damaging, shrinking, or creasing any delicate clothing. It does not need any vents gas lines or special outlets, so you can just plug in your regular outlet and voila! you have a dryer. When disassembled it will fit in a regular laundry basket, that’s how compact it is. Included free is a rack for towels, so you can now dry more in one load.

Running the portable dryer will not cost you a whole lot of money either, without a gas line and with minimal power it will cost you a fraction of a typical dryer. Set the timer or just set to “ON” and you will have dry clothes in no time.


What You Get:
1x Heater
1x Collapsible Drying Rods
1x Waterproof Protection Plate
1x Upper Support Pole
1x Lower Support Pole
1x Support Pole Connector
1x Towel Rack
3x Dryer Legs
1x Heat Insulated Tube Cover
User Manual
2-year limited warranty by DR DRY

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